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Running an effective campus group and training yourself as a leader are two major tasks. Oftentimes you don't know where to start. This list of campus resources will help you thrive as a pro-life leader and engage others in the pro-life discussion.

Stump the

This event is unique because the purpose is to get as many pro-choice people to attend. Our speakers briefly present the pro-life position and open the rest of the event up to questions, giving the audience the chance to “stump” the speakers.


There is no cost for putting on this event. We provide pizza, drinks, and will send you flyers to hang up around campus as well as a social media kit to help draw in a large crowd. 

Free Graphic Design

Is graphic design not your forte? We will create, print, and mail you flyers to advertise for your group, your meetings, and your events. We also offer free stickers, pins, and handouts. 

We also have informational and promotional kits for the following:

  • Tabling 

  • Recruiting

  • March for Life Promo

  • Ignite and Equip Conference


Project Rosie

 A three-part program to reach pregnant and parenting students on campuses across the state. First, Project Rosie is a tabling display that is on tour to universities to reach, empower, and support pregnant and parenting students. Second, Project Rosie is a comprehensive online database of all resources offered to pregnant and parenting students for each specific campus in Michigan. Third, campuses are targeted with online ads to spread these resources far and wide. 



It isn't enough for your student organization to hold regular meetings. If you are like many groups, your group is looking for a way to engage the campus and to have open dialogue about life issues. You want to change hearts on campus.


The best way to change hearts is through tabling. Tabling displays are great opportunities to reach students with your message. In fact, they are one of the most important activities you can do on campus!  


An apologetics video will be sent to students and will be posted on social media quarterly. The videos include tips, talking points, and strategies for pro-life apologetics. 


Recruitment can be one of the most challenging tasks for groups. In order to help you build up your numbers, our Protect Life Michigan team will come onto campus and train you and recruit alongside you. This is especially important during your recruitment fairs. 



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