Thousands of lives are on the line every day due to abortion. Will you stand up to defend them?

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Abortion has already taken the lives of 60 million since legalization in 1973. Even one is too many. A strong network of passionate, effective pro-life student leaders is the most effective strategy to building a pro-life society and ending the atrocity of abortion. 



Advocates. Dreamers. Social reformers. 


We are defenders on a mission to recruit, equip, and network students around Michigan to become passionate and professional social reformers. Since 2005, we have grown from a group of volunteers to a team of powerhouse, full-time activists. We need more boots on the ground at campuses throughout Michigan to mobilize students to stand up for the unborn, as well as administrative support to make it happen. 


Young Professionals for Life
High School
Projects Coordinator

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More Information - Career Webinar

Want an in-depth look into what it's like to work in the pro-life movement and how to make the plunge? Check out Protect Life Michigan's recent webinar, "Becoming Defenders: Exploring a Pro-Life Career"!

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Text/call 248-973-7166 for immediate help! Or click here for free help and resources, including a pregnancy center near you.

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