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AUGUST 11-13, 2022

Why sign up?

You are a leader of the pro-life movement! Your involvement in a pro-life group already sets you apart from the rest of the culture. But now you have a great responsibility: the unborn need you RIGHT NOW. There are students that urgently need to hear the pro-life message. Your group will likely be the only anti-abortion voice at your school, and you could be the only one standing between a student and her abortion appointment. The unborn need you, are you prepared to save them?


If you...

  • Want to maximize your effectiveness and save lives

  • Get nervous about outreach but know it's needed to change hearts

  • Worry about being "that crazy pro-lifer" when doing pro-life stuff in public, and could use a network of support from other crazy pro-lifers across the state

This training is for YOU!

What are you waiting for?


The Life Advocate Intensive is the best activism training for students in Michigan. It's a three day experience in which you will learn how to respond to pro-choice arguments and apply that training on the streets of Grand Rapids. Nervous about outreach? You're not alone. That's why we're giving you this opportunity to shadow and learn from the pros.

You will leave this program equipped to share your pro-life beliefs, confident in your ability to dialogue with others, and encouraged after standing on the front lines next to pro-lifers across the state!



All high school and college students who are interested in maximizing their impact for the unborn.


August 11-13, 2022


Training: Aquinas College, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Lodging: Calvin University, Grand Rapids, Michigan.



We know being pro-life in name is not enough. We know the injustice of abortion is greater than any injustice in our time.

RADICAL INJUSTICE REQUIRES RADICAL ACTION. You can be a part of a legacy of social reformers from Martin Luther King Jr. to William Wilberforce. Be the one who sees injustice and says, I'm not going to watch from the sidelines, I'm going to do something!

Will you give up a weekend to join us in the fight to end abortion?