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The annual March for Life is a nation wide march set in Washington D.C. each year on the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade.

Here at Protect Life Michigan, we participate and provide travel and stay for students who are 18+ and members of a Protect Life Michigan group.

The LAI provides training on a variety of topics including: apologetics, leadership, the study of other social reform movements, ministering to pregnant women, and more.


Students will have the opportunity to put their new skills to use by doing pro-life outreach in downtown Grand Rapids!


This free event is aimed at attracting pro-choice and undecided students so that they can hear the pro-life message in a non-threatening environment. 

When you request Stump the Pro-Lifer at your campus, we will:

  • Create & mail flyers for advertising.

  • Send a planning & advertising guide

  • Cater the event with free pizza and soda.

  • Bring a professional, experienced speaker for FREE!

  • Distribute evaluations and report the results back to you.

Stump the Pro-Lifer
Stump the Pro-Lifer
Stump the Pro-Lifer
Stump the Pro-Lifer
Stump the Pro-Lifer

Protect Life Michigan loves to celebrate the work of our strong and passionate students - this is the purpose of the Student Celebration event!

At the end of the Spring semester, we gather with our graduating students to celebrate and honor the hard work they have done to protect the unborn.

Outdoor Dinner Party

Young Professionals for Life is one of Protect Life Michigan's newest programs, and we are excited to host the first-ever Mixer for our YPL members and anyone else interested in learning more.

Want to know how you can get involved? Contact rebecca at

sponsor a student attendee

Give the gift of a life-changing experience.

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