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STEP #1:

Express your commitment to SWITCHING to a safe pharmacy, and BOYCOTTING pharmacies that sell abortion!

I, [name], commit to BOYCOTTING Walgreens, CVS, and Rite Aid, along with any other pharmacies that announce plans to sell the abortion pill. I will also switch any prescriptions to a SAFE, abortion-free pharmacy as soon as I am able. I commit to continuing this boycott until they halt their plans to sell the abortion pill.

Boycotts are only effective when companies know WHY we aren't giving them our money. So once you've made the switch, be sure to let them know about it! Use our guide to contact your pharmacy and express your disapproval.

Make sure you switch to a SAFE pharmacy by calling the pharmacy to ensure they will not distribute Mifepristone for abortion.

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STEP #2:

To make an impact, we need EVERY pro-lifer on board with boycotting! Here are some steps you can take:

Text a friend! Share this page and let friends and family know you’re boycotting the big 3 and they should too!

Download and share social media graphics to your Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter and tell everyone why you’re boycotting.

Print informational flyers and hand them out! Pass them out at church, lit-drop on doorsteps, or stand outside of your local pharmacy and tell people why they should shop somewhere else.

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Why do we Protest?


  1. Unlike an email that can be ignored or a letter that can be thrown away, our voices cannot be silenced and our presence cannot be ignored. 

  2. As we protest, we will educate everyone in the vicinity about what CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid are doing. This will continue decreasing the number of people who shop at these pharmacies while adding numbers to our movement.

STEP #3:

Protect Life MI is hosting protests in front of CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid locations across the state. We’ll be holding signs and handing out flyers. The more people who attend, the bigger the impact! 

YOU can help expand the movement to countless pharmacy locations across the state – grabbing the attention of the Big 3, the media, and Michigan at large. Want to coordinate your own protest? Download our Protest Leader Guide to learn how!


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