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What we do


10 reaching 10,000

Our vision is to make abortion unthinkable by raising up a generation of professional and passionate student activists. We focus on campus outreach, on-campus support, and training and events to make that happen.


​This past year, PLM continued to train a select group of aspiring students, young professionals,  and alumni to lead outreach on their college campuses and in their home communities. This is how it went:

  • We held trainings to equip over 3,100 students with pro-life dialogue and outreach skills

  • We led over 1,956 hours of outreach across the state of Michigan

  • We reached over 1,340,000 people with the pro-life message

  • We changed 1,130 people's minds about abortion on the spot

our 2023 Reach

 how our model works


We recruit students to create pro-life groups in their high schools & college campuses, and help them plan their semester activities.


Clubs can apply for funding through our Student Activity Fund and utilize our free outreach displays to reach at least 80% of their schools.

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PLM Campus Activists mentor student leaders biweekly for the year to help develop their skills and join groups for meetings and campus-wide outreaches.

Protect Life Michigan holds multiple statewide training events for students to further learn advanced apologetics, network with other student groups, and learn from national pro-life leaders




Give today and help us train more pro-life leaders!

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