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March for Life registrant portal

So you're coming on the March for Life! Now what?
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Schedule of Events
Thursday, January 20th
  • 3:45PM: Buses arrive at Grand Rapids Pickup (bus leaves lot at 4:15PM)

  • 5:30PM: Buses arrive at Lansing Pickup (bus leaves lot at 6:00PM)

  • 7:00PM: Buses arrive at Ann Arbor Pickup (Bus leaves lot at 7:30PM)

  • 8:30PM: All 3 buses arrive at Chick-Fil-A for dinner

  • Exact times and locations of bathroom/meal breaks TBD

Friday, January 21st
  • 8:00AM: Breakfast stop

  • 10:30AM: Buses drop students & luggage at Hyatt Arlington

  • 11:30AM: Students load back on buses and are brought down to the National Mall for the March

  • 12:00PM: March for Life Rally

  • 1:00PM: March for Life

  • 4:00PM: Free time

  • 6:00PM: Pizza Party with PLM at the hotel

Saturday, January 22nd
  • Free day in DC! See "More Info" for Destination Guide and Metro Guide

  • 7:00PM: Bus arrives at the hotel for the free PLM Monuments Bus Tour

Sunday, January 23rd
  • 8:15AM: Buses arrive at Hyatt Arlington to load students & luggage

  • 9:00AM: Buses depart for Michigan

  • Food and bathroom stops TBD

  • 8:30PM: Buses arrive at Ann Arbor carpool lot

  • 9:30PM Buses arrive at Lansing carpool lot

  • 10:30PM Buses arrive at Grand Rapids carpool lot

Packing List
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Packing List
What to bring:
  • 1 piece of luggage (suitcase or duffle bag) to stored under the bus

  • 1 personal item to keep with you on the bus - this must include everything you want with you on the March  since we will not have access to luggage until 4pm on Friday

Required Items:
  • Wallet, Credit/Debit card, spending money, photo ID required to get into the hotel

  • Phone charger and backup battery pack

  • Reusable water bottle

  • Face mask

Optional Items:
  • Advil and chapstick

  • Headphones

  • Extra snacks (we will provide some)

  • Books, homework, things to keep you occupied on the bus rides

  • Blanket, travel pillow, or eye pillow, or anything to help you sleep on the bus

  • Hand and foot warmers

Suggested Clothes to Bring:
  • Fleece-lined pants and shirt

  • Warm, wool socks and extra socks

  • Sweatpants and/or snow pants, depending on the weather

  • Thick, waterproof boots with traction

  • Undershirt, long-sleeved shirt, sweatshirt

  • Thick, lined, warm, waterproof coat

  • Scarf, hat, and gloves

Pick-Up Locations
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Pick-Up Locations & Hotel
Grand Rapids
  • The Grand Rapids bus arrives at the location at 3:45pm and leaves at 4:15pm on Thursday the 20th

  • The carpool lot is off of Exit 38 from I-96 - East Beltline. The address for the bank on the corner by the carpool lot is 3333 Deposit Dr. SE, 49546

Lansing / Okemos
  • The Lansing / Okemos bus arrives at the location at 5:30pm and leaves at 6:00pm on Thursday the 20th

  • Carpool lot is off of I-96 Exit. The address is 110 Okemos Rd. - 2309 Woodlake Dr

Ann Arbor
  • The Ann Arbor bus arrives at the location at 7:00pm and leaves at 7:30pm on Thursday the 20th

  • Carpool lot is off of M-14/Miller Rd. Exit 2. The address is 3067 Miller Rd., 48103

  • We will be staying in the Hyatt Centric Arlington

    • ​1325 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA 22209

  • The hotel is off of the Rosslyn Metro Stop on the Blue, Orange and Silver lines

COVID-19 Info
Protect Life Michigan's COVID-19 Policy on the March for Life

Protect Life Michigan takes great care in ensuring the safety of our students and staff. In order to keep everyone safe and healthy, there are several guidelines and regulations we will have in place for the 2022 March for Life trip:Atte

  • Attendees who test positive for COVID-19 within 10 days of the first day of the trip will not be allowed to attend the trip

    • If an attendee provides proof of positive test within 10 days of the start of the trip, they can receive a refund

  • If an attendee has a fever or other symptoms of COVID-19 either before or during the trip, they will not be able to board the bus

    • PLM will work with attendees to find alternative ways to safely return home should they become sick during the trip

Please note that masks are required during the Rally and March per the March For Life's regulations. You can find more info and details on this here:

COVID-19 info
More Info
More Info
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How do I get around in Washington, D.C.?

Getting around Washington, D.C. is made easy because of their amazing metro system! We have put together a guide that will help you navigate the Metro system in D.C., and remember that Google Maps is also very helpful!

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How much spending money should I bring?

Attendees will need to pay for:

  • 2 dinners

  • 3 lunches

  • 3 breakfasts

  • A metro card and fare (see guide)

  • Anything else (souvenirs, etc.)

PLM provides snacks and a pizza dinner on Friday!

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What about the Pizza Party?

This year, PLM has decided to treat students to a Pizza Party at the hotel after the March for Life. This is a great opportunity to get to know the other attendees, talk about your experience at the March, and make plans together for the following day.

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What do I do on the free day?

Our nation's capital offers endless activities, museums, restaurants, and outdoor spaces to explore on our day off. PLM has put together a destination guide to help you decide how to spend your time!

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What is the Monument Tour like?

On Saturday evening, PLM will pick attendees up for an optional tour of some of D.C.'s most famous monuments. We will drive together through the city with chances to exit the bus and walk around the following monuments:

The Lincoln Memorial, the White House, the Washington Monument, the World War II Memorial, and the Jefferson Memorial.

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What COVID precautions are in place?

Because of the nature of the March for Life, social distancing will not be possible for this trip. As of now, attendees will not be required to wear masks during the trip, but will be expected to follow the regulations on the metro and at the hotel.

If you are feeling ill or test positive for COVID-19 before or during the trip you will not be able to board the bus or participate in activities.

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What about the vaccine requirements in DC?

Starting on January 15, the city of DC will require proof of one dose of a COVID vaccine in order to enter some businesses, including eating inside restaurants. If you are vaccinated, be sure to have your card with you or a photo of it! If you are not vaccinated, don’t worry, there are many options for you!

The hotel we stay at is in Arlington, so this regulation will not be in place at and around our hotel! There are many restaurants, grocery stores, coffee shops, and more just within a few minutes of our hotel. In addition, vaccination is not required to go into a restaurant to pick up a to-go order.


This restriction will not make this trip impossible for non-vaccinated students -- it will just require a bit of creativity!

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