The most efficient way to spread the pro-life message is through effective outreach! Check out the free outreach materials & displays below. We'll mail you whatever you need or personally deliver it to campus. Let's get the conversation started! 

Why outreach?

Protect Life Michigan has worked tirelessly over the years with Michigan's bright, pro-life students to help bring our message of hope and life to each school. We have discovered that outreach is one of our most effective tools in having an effective dialogue. We strongly believe that if we are able to help young advocates articulate their defense eloquently and compassionately, they will change hearts and protect life. 

School-based outreach

NOTE: These displays are currently only available to our test groups in West Michigan. Statewide availability coming soon!

Should Abortion Remain Legal?
Live Action Videos
Onesie Display
Onesie Display
Day of Silence
Stump the Pro-Lifer

4-Day Planned Parenthood  Flyer Campaign

4-Day Social Justice  Flyer Campaign

4-Day Human Rights Flyer Campaign

Community-based outreach

Contact PLM's High School Coordinator to get in touch with a local Young Professionals for Life chapter so that you can join them for outreach in your community!


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Email: info@protectlifemi.org

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