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Dollar Bills

Student Activity fund

Each semester, Protect Life Michigan awards $3,000 to help students share the pro-life message on campus. These funds have allowed groups to bring in national speakers, do activism events, and start scholarships for pregnant students.
We are honored to have partnered with dozens of groups to bring countless events to life!




  • This funding is only available to Protect Life Partners & groups utilizing PLM's Campus Activist Model. 
    (Don't fit the bill?
    Email us to learn more about becoming a partnered group!)

  • Priority will be given to groups that utilize PLM's Student Activist Model.

  • Funds must be used on campus for activities that further the philosophy of the Campus Activist Model.
    How do you know if an activity qualifies? Answer these two questions: 1) Does this activity reach students? 2) Does this activity change hearts? The goal of your activity should be to maximize impact and be strategic in the way you share the pro-life message with campus.

  • Funds cannot be used to attend events or conferences, including the March for Life. 

  • Groups may apply for this funding at any time. Funds will be awarded on a rolling basis (limited funding available- don't delay!)

  • Funding will not be awarded to groups who do not provide specifics. It is critically important that you are specific and detailed in regard to how the funds will be used. If your group requests $500 for an event, you should know the date and location of the event, and details on how each dollar will be spent. 

Student Activity Fund Application Form

Success! Application received. We will notify you as soon as a decision has been reached.

NOTE: Please read the above rules carefully.

There is no deadline for funding. Applications will be reviewed on an ongoing basis. However, please be aware that funding is limited and may run out.

Applications should be as specific as possible about how funding will be used.

Questions? Contact us at

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