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our strategy

We need to change culture quickly on the issue of abortion. When millions of lives are on the line, we cannot waste any time. We need to show the world that abortion inflicts violence on the youngest members of the human family.


We are transforming public opinion on abortion on Michigan's college campuses through...

  • The most winsome dialogue tactics

  • The highest-quality messaging

  • Visual evidence of the reality of abortion

Through this strategy,  nearly 30% of pro-choice people
change their minds when we speak with them

Why young people

The most strategic place to fight the abortion industry is on campus: 1) abortion providers are desperate to sell abortions to young women on campus, 2) college students are exploring their worldview, and 3) their geographic concentration makes them easy to reach.

our effectiveness

Every year, we have conversations with tens of thousands of people and reach hundreds of thousands more with the pro-life message. In those conversations, 30% of pro-choicers change their minds. In 2022 alone, we did over 6,000 hours of outreach, and secured over 30,000 mind-changes or pro-life votes.


We have had tens of thousands of conversations with pro-choice individuals over the past several years, and have found a way to change 30% of their minds.

How do we do it?
Good apologetics & effective visuals. 

Learn more about the statistical and historical evidence behind our winning strategy.


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