What we do

10 reaching 10,000

Our vision is to make abortion unthinkable by raising up a generation of professional and passionate student activists. We focus on campus outreach, on-campus support, and training and events to make that happen.

In the 2019-2020 school year we...

  • Reached 64,855 students with the pro-life message on campus

  • Changed 333 pro-choice hearts

  • Recruited 1,274 students to pro-life campus groups

  • Performed 136 hours of outreach

  • Trained 6,558 student activists

  • Made 268 campus visits

 how our model works

We recruit students to create pro-life groups on their campuses and help them plan their semester activities.


Clubs can apply for funding through our Student Activity Fund and utilize our free outreach displays to reach at least 80% of their schools.

PLM Campus Mentors mentor student leaders biweekly for the year to help develop their skills and join groups for meetings and campus-wide outreaches.

Protect Life Michigan holds multiple statewide training events for students to further learn advanced apologetics, network with other student groups, and learn from national pro-life leaders



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Protect Life Michigan
P.O. Box 23042
Lansing, MI 48909


Tel: 616-294-8348


Email: info@protectlifemi.org

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