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Cornerstone University

"As a freshman at Cornerstone University, I didn't know if I would have called myself pro-life. I was excited to become a social worker, but my only exposure to talking about abortion was a friend who invited me to Protect Life every week. I maybe came twice: I didn't have time to be pro-life. In my junior year, I was taking a class about social policy and decided to advocate for legislation that would provide resources and access to supporting organizations for women whose children had been diagnosed with Down Syndrome in the womb. As my passion grew, I had the opportunity to co-author Cornerstone's first official policy regarding crisis pregnancies. Because God put our team in the right place at the right time, Cornerstone's official stance is to extend mentorship, care, grace, and support to pregnant students so that they can succeed academically and thrive as parents. Jessi Corson, my campus activist, spurred me on and encouraged me to keep advocating for life at CU. Through the training she and Protect Life MI have invested in me, I feel equipped to advocate for parents and their unborn children through social work practice: a field that is largely pro-abortion."


Cornerstone University

"In my past year of leadership at Protect Life Cornerstone, I have had many opportunities which have helped me grow as a person and as a leader. They have been so important to me in letting me be part of this life-saving movement.


I've expanded my knowledge in the areas of apologetics, prenatal development, US laws, philosophy, and morality. I have learned how to talk about abortion in many different situations, how to be a good leader, and how to love people with whom I disagree. I've had so many opportunities to serve other people, learn from experienced pro-life leaders, and work with a wonderful team of students. Throughout these experiences, I have become confident in my beliefs and more bold in using my abilities to try to change hearts and save lives.


Most of all, I have realized the extreme importance of pro-life work. It can be emotionally taxing and even dangerous at times, but the lives that we are trying to save are worth it. I know that no matter what lies in my future, I will always be devoting part of my life to this cause, until the unborn are recognized as people with rights and are no longer aborted."



Grand Valley State University

"Being a part of Protect Life at Grand Valley has brought meaning to my college career that I never imagined was possible. My involvement with Protect Life Michigan has brought me friendship, community, and shared purpose with the members of my local group as well as connection with fellow student leaders across the state. Through the mentorship of Jessi I have been empowered to get out and speak with other students on campus about abortion. Having productive conversations about abortion has been so encouraging and it makes me feel like I am actually making a lasting impact."


University of Detroit Mercy

"As long as I have known Protect Life Michigan, I have never felt alone in this movement. I have been shown love, support, and encouragement through mentorship, trainings, campus advocacy events and more. Above all, Protect Life Michigan has taught me to know, love and serve the person in front of me."


Oakland University

"Through my mentoring experience, Kate has inspired me to grow closer to and be passionate about the pro-life movement. Kate has helped me realize another special calling of mine and has walked me through the steps of making a personal change in my life as well as impacting the hearts of many on my college campus."


Protect Life Michigan
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