pro-Life Outreach During CoronaviruS


We have such amazing students! We are so impressed with the work you guys put in, pivoting with us and finding new ways to serve the pro-life movement during quarantine. Abortions haven't stopped, but neither have our incredible students!

We want to thank you for the work that you've done on campus, both during the pandemic and all year long!

Legacy Celebration

Thursday, May 15th, 7 - 8:30 PM via Zoom

Legacy Dinner (2).png

Get dressed up and join us on Zoom as we celebrate your accomplishments on campus, share glory stories, and send off our seniors. We will also have a virtual award ceremony recognizing the pro-life groups who have done exemplary work on campus! This celebration is open to any member of a pro-life club in Michigan. 

summer pro-life outreach

Looking to take action to protect the unborn this summer? Our quarantine challenges still apply! Here are ideas to spark inspiration even when school is out!

Let's redefine what it means to do outreach. With less people available to protect the unborn in-person, it is more important than ever that we find alternative ways to change minds & save lives.


It will require you to be bold & sacrificial. But the unborn need us now more than ever before!

Below is a list of things you can do to live out your pro-life calling during the quarantine​!
(Post photos or stories using #ProtectLifeChallenge so that we can share them!)

Your Protect Life Challenges:

Share Your Pro-life Story

Protect Life Michigan wants hear your pro-life story, because your story matters. Please tell us why you are pro-life in 1-3 paragraphs. We want to tell the world of the amazing things that young people are doing. Please include your name, why you are pro-life, what you do to live out your pro-life calling, and submit a photo to kate@protectlifemi.org. You just may be featured as an upcoming post!

Post something anti-abortion on your personal story or account

While a positive gesture, posting a "Love Life" graphic on your page wont likely be enough to create dialogue or cause people to rethink their position on abortion.
We challenge you to post something distinctly anti-abortion and thought-provoking. Aim to start a conversation! Share an abortion procedure video from Live Action or thought-provoking video from Equal Rights Institute, Life Training Institute, or Merely Human Ministries that will educate your friends.

Let us know how it goes!

Share your pro-life artwork

Attention artists: the pro-life movement needs you. Very little can display the beauty of life in the womb like art can. Please post your artwork and tag Protect Life Michigan on social media. The pro-life movement needs you!

Have a conversation with a pro-choice friend

We all have those people in our lives - some are our family members, others close friends or neighbors. Now is as good of a time as ever to try to chat with a loved one and talk about abortion. If you need a refresher, be sure to read up on your apologetics beforehand. Remember, you are trying to change a heart, not win a debate! Here's how one student approached her friend:

"Hey! I am part of a pro-life group on campus. We usually do outreach every week so that we learn about what people believe, but we're mixing things now that classes are online. This week, everyone in my group is being challenged to have a conversation with a pro-choice friend. I know it might seem random, but I would love to hear more about your position on the topic and see what we could learn from each other. I bet we have more in common than we might even realize. Would you be open to FaceTiming? :)"

Post *this!* (love & support for pregnant women)

My heart goes out right now to anyone who is facing an unplanned pregnancy in the midst of COVID-19. I cannot imagine how afraid and alone you must feel right now. Here's what I want you to know: You are already a mom, and your baby needs you. Abortion may seem like the simple answer, but abortion will end the life of your child who is dependent on you for her safety. You child needs you, but it's okay for you to need people too. Please reach out to me, even if I've never met you! I will do whatever it takes to find a way to help you and your baby. I'm on your team, I'm in your corner and you won't have to face this alone. If you're willing to be in someone's corner, share this status.

Wear a pro-life T-shirt every Friday

Pro-life T-shirt Fridays are a thing now! This is a small way to make an impact with the few people you are coming into contact with during this time. You never know! I know of one individual who saved the life of his sibling, as his mom had an abortion scheduled. When she saw her son wearing a pro-life T-shirt, she had a change of heart and cancelled her appointment. You can also spread the message further by posting on Instagram and tagging @ProtectLifeMI. Don't have a pro-life T-shirt? Finish the ERI course and we will send you a free one! (Learn more at www.protectlifemi.org/eri)

Donate to a Protect Life group’s pregnant/parenting scholarship

Our peers at Oakland University and Cornerstone University have begun scholarships for pregnant/parenting students. You can make a donation to OU's scholarship here, under "DOUPLS OU OU Protect Life Scholarship". You can make a donation to CU's scholarship here, by selecting "PGS Single Parent Scholarship" as the fund.

Post a Facebook or Instagram Poll/Question

Social media posts aren't just shouting into the void, it’s about trying to start productive dialogue...just like you used to do on campus!

Create a Facebook or Instagram Poll/Question using one of the following prompts:
- Should abortion remain legal?
- Do unborn humans deserve human rights? - Is abortion right or wrong? - (or make up your own question!)

Encourage your friends to vote and share their thoughts in a comment or DM. Choose 5 pro-choice responses to engage with. Remember: You want to win hearts, not debate! Try to win them over by being charitable and kind.

Show the victims of abortion through AVP

AVP = abortion victim photography
Showing the victims of abortion is never easy, but it does change hearts by exposing the injustice and bringing the humanity of the unborn to life. Here are som images of abortion victims formatted as social media graphics: Click here to view & download

Here is a video worth sharing (with a warning before it starts): https://www.abortionno.org/ From Created Equal: The use of victim imagery is widely debated. No matter the dispute, the underlying reason for pushback is almost always the same: Images awaken the conscience that many have worked diligently to silence. The abortion supporter is forced to acknowledge the violent, murderous “choice” they advocate and others are forced to acknowledge their inaction in the face of the American holocaust. The dismembered bodies of the victims of our culture of death cry out for justice more powerfully than anyone could ever do with words.

"Adopt" a baby in prayer

Everyone is feeling nervous and isolated these days. Imagine how much more it might impact those who are pregnant! This is simply a way to pray for an unborn baby. You might pray for an unknown woman who is considering abortion, or call a friend to let them know that you've "adopted" their baby in prayer and will lift them up each and every day! This is an opportunity to connect with someone you know and encourage them...or even to pray for someone you don't know!

Call Governor Whitmer & Ask Her to Shut MI's Abortion Clinics

As America faces the Coronavirus outbreak, with business, schools and even churches shutting down, America’s abortion facilities continue to operate—sometimes in defiance of state directives. By continuing to perform elective abortions, the abortion industry is causing further spread of the virus, as well as consuming medical supplies urgently needed to fight this outbreak. To help stop the spread of Coronavirus and keep our communities safe, please take the following three steps: Step One: Call Governor Whitmer and demand that they instruct abortion facilities in your state to shut down: SAY: “While businesses have been closed, abortion centers remain open in our state, continuing to perform elective surgeries putting ALL our lives at risk of COVID-19. I call on the governor to ACT NOW and close the abortion businesses before the deadly virus spreads further!” ASK: “Is he/she going to protect us and issue the order to close the abortion businesses just as other businesses, schools, and churches have closed? To keep abortion businesses open is to put our lives at risk.” Gov. Gretchen Whitmer 517-373-3400 Contact her online here: https://somgovweb.state.mi.us/GovRelations/ShareOpinion.aspx See MORE Ways to Help & Specific Instructions Here: www.protestpp.com/howto

Need something more?

Contact Your Campus Activist