pro-Life Outreach During CoronaviruS


Lives are still on the line every day. The world is shutting down, but abortion clinics are still in full operation.  The babies we seek to save will still receive nothing but our best!


Here are some new ways to continue your pro-life mission:


You used to have weekly meetings on campus, now you get to have them with students all over the state!

Invite your group! These meetings exist to build community amongst students, 
learn about pro-life topics, and interact with national pro-life leaders in the movement!


Empowered to Choose Life: Being Pregnant on Campus

with Ann Corace, Graduate Student at U of M

 Wednesday, April 1st at 8pm

Use this link: https://zoom.us/j/7564608929

Anna Corace met Project Rosie at Eastern Michigan University after recently finding out that she was pregnant. With no money, no job, and a relationship that could be described as rocky at best, it was seeming more and more like abortion was Anna's only option. 

Join us on Wednesday night to hear more about Anna's story and how the support of Project Rosie influenced her decision to choose life.


Anna is a graduate student at the University of Michigan and had her story featured in numerous videos and articles, including on Live Action, Life Site News, and Secular Pro-Life.


Sure, in-person outreach is impossible right now. BUT that doesn't mean we're giving up!

Let's redefine what it means to do outreach. 
With less people people available to protect the unborn in-person, it is more important than ever that we find alternative ways to change minds & save lives.


It will require you to be bold & sacrificial. But the unborn need us now more than ever before!

Below is a list of things you can do to live out your pro-life calling during the quarantine​!
(Post photos or stories using #ProtectLifeChallenge so that we can share them!)

**We recommend every group chooses a weekly challenge to communicate to their team.

Recommendations for groups:

Things have changed on campus, but your group shouldn't shut down because of it.
The community you had matters, the difference you were making is still important, and there are still things your group should do to protect life!

Here's are our recommendations on how to finish the year strong:


1) Your group needs your leadership.

  • Without your leadership, they might not stay involved

2) Send a weekly email

  • Include information on that week's Zoom call & a challenge that your group will do together.

4) Keep holding weekly meetings

  • Several colleges continue to meet weekly via video conferencing!

  • If you can't do that, advertise our weekly Zoom meeting in place of your own.

5) Plan for Fall 

  • If you are transitioning officers or have other important tasks, don't neglect them. Plan ahead! 

Need something more?

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