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Backyard Pizza Fundraiser

RSVP: Protect Life Michigan is proud to partner with the Catholic Foundation of Michigan to manage our endowment fund. Donors give to the fund through the Catholic Foundation and they, in turn, ensure it is only invested in life-affirming means.


what is Project Rosie?
A gift to an endowment doesn't work quite the same as a normal gift. An endowment fund is an investment into the future. Money is invested (called the "principal"), which then creates interest. Then an organization can receive a portion of the investment each year, while the remainder is reinvested to continue to build up the fund.


Having an endowment means that an organization has a steady stream of support for years to come, which in our case, means we've got the funds to build a pro-life army in the Mitten. We'll be able to lead outreaches, train new students in apologetics, start new groups and grow existing ones, and much more. 

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