Scott Klusendorf Fellowship Program

What is it?

The Scott Klusendorf Fellowship Program is an exclusive, application-based, year-long fellowship designed to build community, grow passion, and develop competence for rising pro-life leaders at Christian colleges.


Fellows will be challenged to demonstrate the moral fortitude necessary to last as a pro-life leader and have opportunities to display virtuous leadership, on and off-campus.


The program is split into four tracks, each building on the previous one to shape sacrificial and effective pro-life leaders.

1. Read The Case for Life, Tactics, and Virtuous Leadership.

2. Weekly meals and discussions.

3. Begin your “Pro-life Project”.

4. Events with Scott Klusendorf.

1. Read excerpts from The Unaborted Socrates, Love Thy Body, The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team

2. Mentor local PLM High School students.

3. Weekly meals and discussions.

1. Read excerpts from The Ethics of Abortion and The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team.

2. Paid or volunteer internship with Protect Life Michigan.

3. Weekly meals and discussions.

1. Extended opportunity for an internship with PLM.


To make abortion increasingly unthinkable and eventually illegal by training up new, effective, and excellent leaders to fight this injustice.


The Scott Klusendorf Fellowship Program seeks to build community, grow passion, and develop competence for rising pro-life leaders.


The pro-life movement needs everyday leaders. Leaders who work full-time in the pro-life movement, and leaders who don’t work full time but devote their free time (off-work time) to the mission. We are all called to do something. Abortion will not become unthinkable until every pro-lifer is advocating for the unborn in some way.


“The Klusendorf Fellowship has asked things of me that I didn’t think I could give. It has tossed me out of my comfort zone and forced me to grow in boldness, compassion, and selflessness.” - Hannah

“Not only have I been learning about rhetoric, morality, and logical fallacy, but I have also been learning about building up the courage to stand up for the right causes in life.” - Ethan

Perks and Scholarships


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