In order to have successful conversations, it is important that a campus activist is educated on a variety of topics.  Discussion Meetings educate your group and allow you to explore issues related to the pro-life movement. These meetings are designed to be conversational, so get ready to dive into some interesting discussions with your group!

DISCUSSION topics & slides
Pro-Life Strategies:
What Passes
"The Filter" Test?

How should we choose what is "strategic"?
What strategies do YOU support? Why do many Protect Life groups use abortion victim photography?

Woman Holding a Mobile Phone
Abortion Dialogue on Social Media: Worth it?

Why do social media conversations go south so quickly? This discussion meeting includes prompts for your group to discuss pros, cons, and warnings for sharing the pro-life message online.

Serious Conversation
Talking to Abortion-Minded or Post-Abortive Women

Many of us are unsure of what to say when faced with a pregnant friend. This discussion with explore loving responses and helpful tips.

Discussion Meeting_ Relational Apologeti
Relational Apologetics:
How to Win Hearts, Not Debates

Does someone in your group seem to turn "dialogue" into "debate"? Discuss practical dialogue tips that help us be more loving
and respectful to the people we talk to.

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Civil Disobedience: 
Sometimes? Never?
How? When?

Leaders in our movement often have vastly different positions on whether civil disobedience is strategic. Explore the considerations and discuss your thoughts!

Broadening the term "Pro-Life"
Broadening The Term "Pro-Life":
Should We Keep
A Narrow Focus?

The term "pro-life" is being re-defined and some think it's the greatest threat to our movement today. What do YOU think?

What is Your Identity & How Does it Shape Your Activism?

Your identity impacts your actions. How do you identity yourself? Introverted, Confident, Shy, Bold, Awkward, Courageous?

Sharing Your Faith in Dialogue: Embrace or avoid it?

Is it critically important to share our faith in abortion conversations, or could it be detrimental? 

We spend a lot of time talking about bad pro-choice arguments...but we need to work to recognize flaws in OUR arguments, too!

Bad Pro-Life Arguments: They Exist!
Bad Pro-Life Arguments
Discussion Meeting_ Being More Effective
Is The Pro-Life Movement Effective?
Are We?

We do we define success? Are we making decisions that will put our group (and our movement) closer to reaching our goals?

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Birth Control: Differing Perspectives
& How to Respond in Dialogue

Birth control can be a controversial topic...should your group get involved? How do you respond when it gets brought up?

Pro-Life After College:
How can you serve after graduation?

Whether we win or lose weighs heavily on how involved we are as individuals. These slides explore the importance of staying involved and opportunities to do so.

Sharing With Those Who Have Had Abortions

How can you be both truthful and loving in sharing the pro-life message with those who have experienced abortion personally?

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What is Your "Why"?

What is your motivation for standing up for the unborn? Why do you speak up or act, even when it costs you something? Discuss this topic and be challenged to share your conviction!

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There is much confusion surrounding Roe v Wade. Discuss what Roe's fall will look like, including the role of your group in a post-Roe country.

Our Group After Roe v Wade
Our Group After Roe v Wade