In order to have successful conversations, it is important that a campus activist is educated on a variety of topics.  Discussion Meetings educate your group and allow you to explore issues related to the pro-life movement. These meetings are designed to be conversational, so get ready to dive into some interesting discussions with your group!

DISCUSSION topics & slides
Pro-Life Strategies:
What Passes
"The Filter" Test?
Woman Holding a Mobile Phone
Abortion Dialogue on Social Media: Worth it?
Serious Conversation
Talking to Abortion-Minded or Post-Abortive Women
Discussion Meeting_ Relational Apologeti
Relational Apologetics:
How to Win Hearts, Not Debates
Police Car
Civil Disobedience: 
Sometimes? Never?
How? When?
Broadening the term "Pro-Life"
Broadening The Term "Pro-Life":
Should We Keep
A Narrow Focus?
What is Your Identity & How Does it Shape Your Activism?
Sharing Your Faith in Dialogue: Embrace or avoid it?
Bad Pro-Life Arguments: They Exist!
Discussion Meeting_ Being More Effective
Is The Pro-Life Movement Effective?
Are We?
Image by Reproductive Health Supplies Co
Birth Control: Differing Perspectives
& How to Respond in Dialogue
Pro-Life After College:
How can you serve after graduation?
Sharing With Those Who Have Had Abortions
Donate to Protect Life (3).png
What is Your "Why"?
Image by Rishi Kumar
Our Group After Roe v Wade

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