Use these Apologetics Presentations on your own - or schedule a Campus Activist to present them!


Learn the basics of pro-life apologetics AND outreach in this 45 minute interactive training. Campus Activists typically give these trainings, which are best scheduled during the first few weeks on campus.

DO FIRST: Apologetics 101 & Outreach Basics
Apologetics 101 & Outreach Basics
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Hands down, "My Body, My Choice" is the most advanced pro-choice argument. It's no surprise most pro-life people don't know how to respond!  Study up: This training is critical for outreach.

Responding to
"My Body,
My Choice"
Responding to "My Body, My Choice"

A painful conversation, we must be prepared to have. Learn how to be empathetic, tactful, and give a consistent answer your peers have likely never heard before.

The Question of Rape
The Question of Rape
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Learn how to debunk some of the most popular Planned Parenthood Myths

Planned Parenthood Myths
Planned Parenthood Myths
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Are abortions ever needed for medical reasons? Learn how to respond to these tough questions!

Are Abortions Medically Necessary?
Medically Necessary Abortions? 

Learn how to respond with compassion when people tell you you aren't really pro-life if you don't adopt children, fight gun violence,
or end the refugee crisis.

Responding to, 
"If you were REALLY pro-life, you'd care about _____."
"If you were really pro-life..."

Explore 3 popular pro-choice YouTube clips and how to respond to each in this interactive training.

Responding to Pro-Choice YouTubers (Part 1)
Responding to Pro-Choice YouTubers (Part 1)
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Explore 3 popular pro-choice YouTube clips and how to respond to each in this interactive training.

Responding to Pro-Choice YouTubers (Part 2)
Responding to Pro-Choice YouTubers (Part 2)
Stump the Pro-Lifer

Help your group get more comfortable with dialogue by bringing in a "pro-choice" friend for them to learn from. These meetings aren't just educational, they can be pretty fun!

Stump The "Pro-Choicer"
Stump The

"I would never have an abortion, but I can't judge someone else for having one."

Sound familiar? Learn how to respond to relativist arguments.

The Most Common
Pro-Choice Argument:  

Practice your apologetics skills by pairing up and roleplaying a pro-life / pro-choice conversation! 

Roleplaying Dialogue
Roleplaying Dialogue

Learn how to address arguments that relate to biology, including the "Burning Lab" thought experiment.

Biology & Ethics: Living, Distinct, & Whole
Biology & Ethics: Living, Distinct, & Whole

Want to understand the most recent abortion laws and the court decision of Roe v. Wade?

Read through our presentation notes to find out everything you need to know.

Abortion Laws
Abortion Laws

Having trouble getting your members to watch the Equipped for Life videos? Check out Rebecca's advice below or talk with your Campus Activist for guidance!



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